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Must Need

Slurp : Evaluate The Security Of S3 Buckets

Slurp : Evaluate The Security Of S3 Buckets

Slurp is a Blackbox/whitebox S3 bucket enumerator. Overview Credit to all the vendor packages...

Xerxes : Dos Tool Enhanced with Many Features

Xerxes dos tool enhanced with many features for stress testing. It has many features, some of these features are:

Ntopng : Web-based Traffic & Security Network Traffic Monitoring

Ntopng is a web-based network traffic monitoring application released under GPLv3. It is the new incarnation of the original ntop written...

Tips for paper writing for final assignment

Students are in high school and have just gotten major term paper assignments and are not a little five hundreds of words. Actually...

Mercure – Tool For Security Managers Who Want To Train Their...

Mercure is a tool for security managers who want to train their colleague to phishing. What Mercure can do: Create email templates Create target lists ...
Scanner CLI

Scanner CLI : A Project Security/Vulnerability/Risk Scanning Tool

The Hawkeye Scanner CLI is a project security, vulnerability and general risk highlighting tool. It is meant to be integrated into your...

Janusec – Golang Based Application Security Solution Which Provides WAF

Janusec Application Gateway, an application security solutions which provides WAF (Web Application Firewall), unified web administration portal, private key protection, web routing and scalable...