218 Design a Bulletproof Video Marketing Strategy for YouTube With These Tips

Youtube is the biggest platform for user-generated content. It seems like a challenge to get ahead of the crowd when anyone can post a video on the internet.  

Online tools have made it easy for anyone to create videos. Video making is as easy as using save the date templates to make wedding videos for your friends. Video making is no more just for entertainment; it is a purpose-driven tool like posters and articles.  Click here to know more.

However, there are a few tricks and tips that will help you establish a strong footing with your Youtube strategy.  Here is all you need to know:

Content Essentials:

1. Niche Content

Niche content is the only way to discover an audience that cares for your content. This implies that your content should cater to a specific age group, location, language, demographic, etc. Niche content will extract a dedicated following.

Catering to a broader audience group makes it hard to make impactful figures. For example, if you create travel blogs, it is easier to attract an audience that enjoys traveling.  Avoid varied clusters of content and confuse your subscriber base.

To find this niche market, ask yourself what content you enjoy creating. The ideal market is at the meeting point of interest and subject knowledge. Videos can be confidently made using tools like Invideo, but finding the right market takes research.  

2. Posting Schedule

Once you know what content you want to publish, the next question is, ‘how often do you publish?’. Having a posting schedule in place adds a system to your publishing.

This posting schedule can be once a week, twice a week, or even once a month. The number of videos does not matter as long as the ideas are pre-planned. Do not upload a video on YouTube unless you have the next video ready on your hard disk.

Video Essentials:

1. Keyword Rich Title.

The title of your video is the first factor both audiences and the YouTube algorithm notices. Having a vague or ununderstandable title will direct fewer audiences. Keywords play a significant role in your title.

The keyword is a word or phrase that correctly indicates the subject of your video. For example, if you are uploading videos about food recipes. The title of your video should entirely explain the dish, the cooking process, or the cuisine.

An incorrect title to a cooking video would be — “I made this dish you can make it to.” A click-bait for sure –but provides very little value for the search algorithm.

2. Useful Description Sections

Writing two-line descriptions for your videos do not help new YouTube creators. The description section is an opportunity for the created to provide as much information to the viewers as possible.

The first few lines of your description should explain the video’s context and what use it can derive from it. Following this, share links to your website and other social media pages.

Mention the purpose of your video or call-to-action here. For example, if you aim to sell a product based on the video, ensure a link to the product is in the description box.

3. Thumbnail To Each Video

The majority of YouTube clicks come from the thumbnail. While the title plays a significant role in explaining the video, the thumbnail is a creative expression of your video description.

Keep your thumbnails clean and informative. The use of bright colors and bold fonts is favorable to your thumbnail.

Ensure your thumbnail has information relevant to the video and not to the channel itself. Some YouTubers also mention words such as “1 million + views” to attract credibility. You can also use online tools to make this image.

4. Tags

Tags are keywords added to the creator dashboard of YouTube. It is these tags that help the YouTube algorithm display your video when relevant searches occur.

Not updating keywords means your video would never surface for the relevant search results. The best way to find keywords is by surfing the keywords of other videos in your domain.

Only apply tags relevant to your video. The niche audience will never reach your content if your keywords are incorrect.

Channel Essentials:

1. Channels Tags And Info

A correctly updated channel is a substantial green-flag to YouTube. This includes the channel tag, which indicates the context of your channel to the search algorithm. Also, update the channel description that helps people understand the content type.

Do not ignore the aesthetic factors of your YouTube page. Merely having the right name will attract a significant following. Other factors include a display image, your channel banner, and the channel trailer. You can use a tool like InVideo to make this short channel trailer.

2. Consistency

Consistent posting is the only way to create a wave on YouTube. The moment you stop posting videos, the rank of your channel reduces. This low rank indicates videos show less on subscribers and suggestion windows.

Consistent posting also pushes your content more often. Therefore, it helps grow your channel faster.

3. Insights

After uploading videos, take time each week to study the insights of your channel. These insights are available in the ‘analytics tool’ of your YouTube dashboard. The data from this auto-generated analytics helps you determine what content works and what doesn’t.

It also helps clarify that your content is attracting the right market. These detailed analytics dispense the region, age group, and devices used to view your content.

All this information is elementary in planning subsequent videos.

4. Monetization

The last thing you should know about YouTube is the monetization plan. Monetization on YouTube helps creators earn a small income from advertisements on the video.

To enable monetization on your YouTube content, you must have 4000 hours of watch-time on your videos. Additionally, you must gain 1000 subscribers. Your channel then earns a small revenue and also ranks videos higher as compared to those without ads. 

Final Thoughts,

It is hard to gauge the growth of your youtube channel without practical experience. Only after you post your content online do you understand the market need and your strengths. Play to these strengths and create better content that you enjoy.

Over time creating youtube videos will become very second nature, and the ideas will flow to you from the audience themself.