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Infecting a process with Cymothoa


Must Need

Maryam : Open-source Intelligence(OSINT) Framework

Maryam : Open-source Intelligence(OSINT) Framework

OWASP Maryam is an Open-source intelligence(OSINT) and Web-based Footprinting modular/tool framework based on the Recon-ng and written in Python. If...

GhostTunnel – Backdoor Transmission Method That Can Be Used In An...

GhostTunnel is a covert backdoor transmission method that can be used in an isolated environment. It can attack the target through the HID device...

WAF ByPass : Firewall Bypass Script Based On DNS History Records

Firewall bypass script based on DNS history records. This script will search for DNS A history records and check if...

HostHunter : To Discover Hostnames Using OSINT

HostHunter is a recon tool for discovering hostnames using OSINT techniques. HostHunter v1.5 is a tool to efficiently discover...
Oralyzer : Tool To Identify Open Redirection

Oralyzer : Tool To Identify Open Redirection

Oralyzer, a simple python script, capable of identifying the open redirection vulnerability in a website. It does that by fuzzing the url...

Htcap-Web Application Scanner Able To Crawl Single Page Application

Htcap is a web application scanner able to crawl single page application (SPA) in a recursive manner by intercepting ajax calls and...

WireGuard Brings The Evolution of VPNs

Most people don’t care about how the internet works; they want it to work. The same goes for other essential electronics and tech in...