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Load Balancing Detection


Must Need

Vboxdie Cracker

Vboxdie Cracker – Virtual Box Disk Image Encryption Password Cracker

Vboxdie Cracker is a virtual box disk image encryption password cracker. User password is stored using a combination of PBKDF2 and AES-XTS, but they...

nDPI : Open Source Deep Packet Inspection Software Toolkit

nDPI is an open source LGPLv3 library for deep-packet inspection. Based on OpenDPI it includes ntop extensions. We have tried to...

Seeker – Find Device Information & Geo Location with High Accuracy

Seeker utilizes HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and PHP to grab Device Information and Geo Location with High Accuracy. Seeker Hosts a fake website on Apache Server...
Ponce : IDA Pro Plugin That Provides Users The Ability To Perform Taint Analysis & Symbolic Execution

Ponce : IDA Pro Plugin That Provides Users The Ability To...

Ponce is an IDA Pro plugin that provides users the ability to perform taint analysis and symbolic execution over binaries in...

Aztarna – A Footprinting Tool For Robots

This repository contains Alias Robotic's aztarna, a footprinting tool for robots. Alias Robotics supports original robot manufacturers assessing...

Python-Nubia : A Command-Line & Interactive Shell Framework

Python-Nubia is a lightweight framework for building command-line applications with Python. It was originally designed for the “logdevice interactive shell (aka. ldshell)” at Facebook....
mpDNS : Multi-Purpose DNS Server 2019

mpDNS : Multi-Purpose DNS Server 2019

mpDNS aka multi-purpose DNS server is a simple, configurable "clone & run" DNS server with multiple useful features. Should...

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