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Schematic Diagram of Smurf Attack


Must Need

Ten Benefits of Writing Jobs That May Change Your Perspective

Writing is a great way to express yourself and at the same time, earn a living. When you have the right perspective...

Vba2Graph – Generate Call Graphs From VBA Code For Easier Analysis...

Vba2Graph is a tool for security researchers, who waste their time analyzing malicious Office macros. Generates a VBA call graph, with potential malicious keywords...

WarBerryPi – A Collection Of Scanning Tools For Tactical Exploitation

WarBerryPi was built to be used as a hardware implant during red teaming scenarios where we want to obtain as much information as possible...

Pftriage : Python Tool & Library To Help Analyse Files During...

Pftriage is a tool to help analyze files during malware triage. It allows an analyst to quickly view and extract properties of...

OWTF – Offensive Web Testing Framework Great Tools & Make Pen...

OWTF or Offensive Web Testing Framework, is a framework which tries to unite great tools and make pen testing more efficient. OWASP OWTF is...

Subscraper – Tool That Performs Subdomain Enumeration Through Various Techniques

SubScraper uses DNS brute force, Google & Bing scraping, and Virus Total to enumerate subdomains without an API. Written in Python3, SubScraper performs HTTP(S)...

ARDT : Akamai Reflective DDoS Tool

Attack the origin host behind the Akamai Edge hosts and bypass the DDoS protection offered by Akamai services.

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