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The Secret IG Growth Hacks You Haven’t Heard Before

The secret to Instagram success is having as many organic followers as possible. Instagram now boasts of more than one billion subscribers all over...

BYOB : Open-Source Project To Build Your Own Botnet

BYOB is an open-source project that provides a framework for security researchers and developers to build and operate a basic botnet to deepen their...

Wifite 2.1.0 – Automated Wireless Attack Tool

A complete re-write of wifite, a Python script for auditing wireless networks. Wifite runs existing wireless-auditing tools for you. Stop memorizing command arguments & switches! What's...
Recsech – Tool For Doing Footprinting & Reconnaissance On The Target Web

Recsech – Tool For Doing Footprinting & Reconnaissance On The Target...

Recsech is a tool for doing  Footprinting and Reconnaissance on the target web. It collects information such as DNS Information, Sub Domains, HoneySpot...

Parameth : Tool Used To Brute Discover GET & POST Parameters

Parameth tool can be used to brute discover GET and POST parameters. Often when you are busting a directory for common files,...

BlobRunner – Quickly Debug Shellcode Extracted During Malware Analysis

BlobRunner is a simple tool to quickly debug shellcode extracted during malware analysis. BlobRunner allocates memory for the target file and jumps to the base...
Raptor WAF

Raptor WAF – Web application firewall using DFA

Raptor WAF is a Open Source Web application firewall tool made in C, utilizes DFA to block SQL infusion, Cross website scripting and way traversal. It...

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