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Home Reconnaissance, Identification & Fingerprinting of Web Application Firewall using WAFW00F wafw00f2



Basic Fingerprinting


Must Need


KBD-Audio : Tools For Capturing & Analysing Keyboard Input Paired With...

KBD-Audio is a collection of command-line and GUI tools for capturing and analyzing audio data. The most interesting tool is called keytap - it...

Evilginx – MITM Attack Framework For Phishing Credentials & Session Cookies

Evilginx is a Man-in-the-middle attack framework used for phishing credentials and session cookies of any web service. It's core runs on Nginx HTTP server,...
Windows Hacks : Creative & Unusual Things That Can Be Done With The Windows API

Windows Hacks : Creative & Unusual Things That Can Be Done...

Windows Hacks is a creative and unusual things that can be done with the Windows API. Shrinking Windows
Weebdns : DNS Enumeration with Asynchronicity

Weebdns : DNS Enumeration with Asynchronicity

WeebDNS is a DNS Enumeration Tool with Asynchronicity. DISCLAIMER: This is only for testing purposes and can only be...

Bscan : An Asynchronous Target Enumeration Tool

Bscan is a command-line utility to perform active information gathering and service enumeration. At its core, bscan ...
FileGPS : A Tool That Help You To Guess How Your Shell Was Renamed

FileGPS : A Tool That Help You To Guess How Your...

FileGPS is a tool that uses various techniques to find the new filename, after the server-side script renamed and saved it.

Air-Hammer – A Online Brute-Force Attack Tool

Air-Hammer is an online brute-force attack tool for use against WPA Enterprise networks. Despite the fact that WPA Enterprise is regularly viewed as "more...

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