How to Get Most Out of Amazon Logistics

The purpose of launching Amazon Logistics back in 2015 was to enhance customer satisfaction. The aim was to lessen the shipping time and ultimate protection of the goods. When it comes to sellers, the results vary from seller to seller. Those who utilize services like Amazon Logistics Tracking wisely most likely build a better reputation. 

To understand it better, let’s discuss what Amazon Logistics is basically and how it works. 

What is Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is a “Last Mile” delivery and shipping company. It hosts a network of third-party logistics providers that provide their services on a contract basis. This was a great opportunity for individuals and independent logistics providers. They have the choice to work on flexible timing and areas. 

As they are not the employees of Amazon, they can work on their own terms. Although these third-party logistic providers are not employees of Amazon still there is a certain criterion for them. The diversity of these logistics service providers is astonishing. From big independent logistic providers to walking individuals, anyone can be a part of this program. 

The feature that distinguishes Amazon Logistics from others is that it focuses a lot on customer satisfaction. Seemingly the main concern of Amazon Logistics is not shipping but keeping Amazon’s customers happy. 

The launch of Amazon Logistics is a technology-based initiative. When it comes to E-commerce, the biggest challenges faced are mostly related to shipping. Amazon came up with a technological solution for this immense problem. 

Most complaints are associated with shipping. Either the orders are delivered late, or the goods are damaged during shipping. By the launch of Amazon Logistics, Amazon can control and monitor their orders for the best results. 

Another great thing is that Amazon Logistics proved to be a quite cost-efficient shipping solution. Considering these factors, it is safe to say that Amazon Logistics is a great success for Amazon.

How Does It Work

Amazon logistics has set new trends in the world of logistics. Amazon Logistics provides shipping and delivery services like no other services. You will see Amazon Logistics functional seven days a week. Conventional timings enhance the productivity of third-party logistic providers, and it also makes the customer happy.

Amazon Logistics even delivers on Holidays, so your orders fulfill their purposes. 

Amazon Logistics took their game to a whole new level by introducing 2 hours delivery in some areas. Third-party logistic providers pick up the orders from the amazon warehouses and deliver them to the destined places. They use Amazon’s technology for the fastest deliveries and higher customer satisfaction. They get paid once they deliver the orders.

Best Practices to Follow

It’s not in the seller’s hand to choose which third-party logistics providers will deliver their orders. Certain practices can save sellers’ reputations from bad reviews due to shipping.

Message Customer Instantly as They Place an Order- This will feel the customer welcomed, and the first impression will be great. Let them know that you will dispatch their order immediately to clear your side. Send them the tracking ID as soon as you dispatch the order. 

If you follow all these steps, customers will come to you instead of reviewing if anything goes wrong during shipping. 

Choose the Right Time to Ask for Feedback- Amazon Logistics doesn’t show the exact time of delivery; rather, an estimated time is given to the sellers. Choosing the right time for asking for feedback is very important. If you ask too early, the customer will feel that their order is delayed. The best practice is to ask for feedback after 8 PM because all the deliveries of the day are done by 8 PM. 

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for A Five Star Review- Be smart when it comes to reviewing the product. Once the customer has received the order, ask them for a five-star rating. “Click here for giving us a five-star rating” will do great.