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IT and Tech Challenges

The Top IT and Tech Challenges for Businesses in 2019

Companies, whether small, large, or enterprise-level organizations face their fair share of challenges at any given time. Currently, many of the most...
Brutality : A Fuzzer For Any GET Entries

Brutality : A Fuzzer For Any GET Entries

A Brutality is a fuzzer for any GET entries and following are the features ; Multi-threading on demandFuzzing, bruteforcing...
GhostSquadHackers – Encrypt/Encode Your Javascript Code

GhostSquadHackers – Encrypt/Encode Your Javascript Code

GhostSquadHackers is a tool used to Encrypt/Encode your Javascript payloads/code in Windows Scripting. Following are couple of features for this code;

RootOS – macOS Root Helper

rootOS tries to use various CVEs to gain sudo or root access. All exploits have an end goal of adding ALL...

XSStrike – Most Advanced XSS Detection Suite

XSStrike is a Cross Site Scripting detection suite equipped with four hand written parsers, an intelligent payload generator, a powerful fuzzing engine and an...

Kwetza – Tool To Infect An Existing Android Application With A...

Kwetza is a tool that allows you to infect an existing Android application with a Meterpreter payload. Python script to inject existing Android applications...

Dejavu – Open Source Deception Framework

DejaVU is a open source deception framework. Deception techniques if deployed well can be very effective for organizations to improve network defense and can...