Friday, November 22, 2019
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Must Need


Fragmentation Enables Massive Data Security Voids

A recent study stated that a large percentile of data security professionals believe that their data security strategy is mature enough to ward off...

0d1n : Web Security Tool to Make Fuzzing at HTTP/S

0d1n is a tool for automating customized attacks against web applications. Let us have a look on the features the Web Security...
Phishing Attacks

These Three Tips Can Help you to Protect from Phishing Attacks

The most dangerous part of a phishing attack is the belief that it can’t happen to you. Getting scammed on the Internet...

Xori : An Automation-Ready Disassembly & Static Analysis Library

Xori is an automation-ready disassembly and static analysis library that consumes shellcode or PE binaries and provides triage analysis data.

HRShell : HTTPS/HTTP Reverse Shell Built With Flask

HRShell is an HTTPS/HTTP reverse shell built with flask. It is an advanced C2 server with many features & capabilities.
ATTACKdatamap  : A Datasource Assessment On An Event Level To Show Potential Coverage

ATTACKdatamap : A Datasource Assessment On An Event Level To...

ATTACKdatamap is a datasource assessment on an event level to show potential coverage of the "MITRE ATT&CK" framework. This tool is developed...

R3Con1Z3R : A Lightweight Web Information Gathering Tool With an Intuitive...

R3con1z3r is a lightweight Web information gathering tool with an intuitive features written in python. it provides a powerful environment in which...