8 Online Computer Programming Courses

There are many in-demand computer programs and free online courses on programming from scratch that will help with future employment. With the help of online schools, you can adapt training to your area of interest and choose courses that correspond to your current level of knowledge.

Do you want to learn how to write Python programs, or create the perfect website layout in PHP and Javascript? In recent years, many inexpensive educational webinars have appeared that make learning programming and developing skills easier. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to learn how to code in 2020.

You can go to a public university and get a degree in computer science or take an intensive course in a private educational institution, but it is better to complete an online programming course with a certificate. Online education centers teach popular programming languages (Java, Python, C ++, Swift, Kotlin) and help students find work.

  1. Python Programming: A Concise Introduction

Get to know Python Programming Version 3.x. Learn how to install Python and use the Spyder IDE to create and debug programs. The course is designed for students with minimal or no programming experience and consists of four modules, each ending with a practical task of creating simple programs.

Course duration: 14 hours.

  1. Learn to Program: The Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of programming and teach you how to write simple programs in Python.

Course duration: 29 hours.

  1. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

The course teaches the basics of using Python 3.5 to solve real-world analytical problems. It also provides basic theoretical knowledge about the concept of computation, the simplest algorithms, data structures, testing, and debugging. This course assumes that you will receive assignments as you progress. And if you get stuck with one of the tasks, you can ask for programming assignment help. Such services help students quickly figure out how to cope with the task so that they can safely continue their training.

Course duration: 9 weeks / 14-16 hours per week.

  1. Introduction to Programming

The program introduces the principles of building computer systems and working with data. The knowledge gained will allow you to confidently use terms such as hash table, stack, or queue. Once you pass this course, you will have a clear understanding of what computer programming is.

The program consists of five courses. To complete the program for free, register for each course separately:

  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data With Excel
  • Introduction to C++
  • Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel
  • Querying Data With Transact-SQL
  • Learn to Program in Java

Program duration: 2-4 months / 63-100 hours.

  1. Computer Science: Programming With a Purpose

This course will explain such definitions as conditionals, variables, loops, and I/O. The course introduces basic terminology, as well as the the basics of modular and object-oriented programming. The authors of the course use Java for teaching. It is a great course to start your path in learning computer programming.

Course duration: 32 hours.

  1. Introduction to Web Development

This course allows you to understand the structure and functionality of the Internet, learn how to create dynamic pages using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and choose web hosting. As a result of the training, you will be able to create a working model for your own sites and will be ready to take courses in web development or design.

Course duration: 16 hours.

  1. Front-End Web Developer

The course helps to get the skills needed to create a flexible user interface. The course covers website development standards, modern HTML5 tags, static and animated graphics, audio and video playback, CSS techniques, and JavaScript basics.

The program consists of five courses, each of which contains specific examples. To complete the program for free, you need to register separately for each course.

Course duration: 2-4 months / 139-191 hours.

  1. Computer Science for Game Development

The most popular undergraduate course at Harvard is CS50, the Fundamentals of Programming. The first course of the program will introduce you to the main programming languages and will give you the basic knowledge necessary for further design and development of your own game. And the second one will teach you the basics of game programming.

While studying, you will explore the design of classic and modern games, including Angry Birds and Portal.

We hope that you will find these courses helpful for your development in programming. Each of them introduces students to the basics of programming, reveals the secrets, and shares useful life hacks. Choose the most suitable ones and start your path in computer programming!