AI Technology Tracks Employees to Keep Social Distancing

AI Technology Tracks Employees to Keep Social Distancing

The Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected most businesses. Many organizations have suspended operations due to a decline in the demand for goods and services. But, some companies have started planning a safe return for their employees. Workers will need to wear masks and keep social distance to avoid contracting the virus. Some enterprises are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) software into their security systems. Read on to learn how AI technology is tracking employees in their workplaces.

The Algorithm that will help in Keeping Social Distance in Workplaces

An acrylic fiber factory in Peru installed artificial intelligence and surveillance cameras that are monitoring workers. The technology ensures that each employee wears a facemask and stays six feet from other workers.

The Sudamericana de Fibras factory produces 3,000 tons of acrylic fiber every month. It recently integrated a new technology from Camio, a Silicon Valley-based startup, in May. The AI software from Camio analyses video footage that the factory’s cameras record. It identifies risky behaviors that might spread the Coronavirus in the factory. These include employees walking together in hallways and supervisors having close-distance conversations with workers.

Gianfranco Acre, a technology consultant of Sudamericana de Fibras stated that the human resource department uses social distancing collisions to advise employees to change their character. But, the system appears provocative at times.

As AI shapes online roulette, brick and mortar casinos are embracing artificial intelligence to track whether employees are maintaining social distance in their workplaces. Amazon developed a social distancing technology that is suitable for indoor use in warehouses and hallways. Companies can use the tool to display real-time video footage to their employees.

Many companies don’t disclose personal details of their customers. But schools and certain businesses are planning to apply artificial intelligence to keep a social distance. Software developers hope that the technology will work and help companies reopen without risking the health of their staff. They can add floor markers or move furniture to ensure that employees are a few feet apart.

Some technology rights advocates have started criticizing the AI technology for being invasive. They believe that businesses don’t need to use it to ensure that employees are adhering to outlined safety measures. Hayley Tsukayama, an activist from the Electronic Frontier Foundation said that companies can keep employees safe without increasing surveillance.

Behavior Adjustments

Camio has used machine learning for several years. The technology has helped the startup identify different events and objects in surveillance footage including animals and bikes.AI software spots individuals in video footage and calculates the distance between them. It logs situations in which people keep a distance of less than six feet from one another.

The economy of most countries has collapsed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many companies haven’t operated for the last three months. As the Coronavirus turns to an endemic, businesses have found it necessary to resume operations. Some companies are using sophisticated artificial intelligence software that tracks employees to ensure that they keep a social distance. The system will sound an alarm if a worker gets too close to their colleagues.