The success of any writing assignment is strongly dependent on its discipline. Thus, many students find computer science utterly complicated. There are many things to consider and calculations to make. It involves advanced knowledge of computers, mathematics, various algorithms, and so on. The task is even more complex when you have to write an extended essay on computer science.

An extended essay is a much longer piece of writing. While a standard essay isn’t longer than 350 words (or shorter), the extended version is 4,000 words long. This number may scare off even the bravest. Moreover, a student must conduct in-depth research and contribute to a solution to a complicated and urgent problem. It’s a practical preparation for undergraduate research.

No matter how competent and skilled you are, it’s better to be armed with proper knowledge. We offer 5 great resources, which offer materials and writing tips to cope with this important assignment. offers a wide range of tips and possibilities to enhance your writing to compose great pieces. This website suggests multiple research resources, which help to complete computer science tasks of various topics. You will find many links to trustworthy guides, how-to lists, and articles. Thus, you’ll be able to overcome even some smaller issues like writing an intro or thesis statement.

The website provides access to multiple collections of papers so that you could read great samples of successful authors. You’ll become a better writer with original ideas. It offers even career perspectives. Don’t bypass the opportunity!


You cannot bypass this helpful website. It’s a huge virtual library, which provides links to other useful information sources. You’ll find data about the following issues:

  1. Advice. This section offers recommendations of all kinds for undergraduate students. Thus, it recommends some proper tips to succeed in your essays.
  2. Money. It provides information about scholarships for students who have chosen computer science.
  3. Organizations. This section enumerates some outstanding organizations related to technology and computer knowledge.
  4. Careers. If you visit this section, you will find data about your future career perspectives.
  5. Artificial intelligence. As many computer science topics are associated with artificial intelligence or briefly AI, the website offers articles dedicated to this direction. You will find trustworthy sources with heaps of useful data to complete your essays.
  6. 6.       Security. The issue of cyber-security is another important branch of the discipline. Therefore, you may access information sources to write essays on this topic as well.
  7. Programming. It goes beyond all doubts that you will deal with the aspects of programming. This website provides relevant sources on this matter too.
  8. Information sources. This section is about sources. These are links to general guides, articles, journals, and other documents.
  9. Tools and assistance. If you choose this section, you will find valid data about different tools and means that help people to fulfill their tasks.

This is another informative resource to help you with computer science writing. Your extended essay will surely rely on some approved facts. Oftentimes, students should use some fresh news to disclose their topics. Computer science is a young discipline, which develops at a high pace. Therefore, news out of this sphere is of great importance. Using this website, you will find recent articles on various themes. Visualization technique? Blockchain transactions? Solar flares? This and other data is available for students. Moreover, the website offers news from astronomy, physics, nanotechnology, etc.

Another useful site is called It’s a big virtual library that offers a wide range of authoritative articles and guides. Thus, it offers various handbooks and tables; dictionaries and encyclopedias; bibliographical sources. Besides, the website has a collection of articles and guides, which were released last year. You will have access to books of famous authors in the computer science industry. This data will be enough to compose many extended essays on various topics.

In case you need plain and short explanations you should consider this online guide. This website gives simple tips about how to complete extended essays on computer science. However, who said that something simple isn’t effective? Oftentimes, the plainest tips in writing proved to be the most productive ones. Therefore, don’t underestimate their resourcefulness.

The guide offered on this website tells about the rule of thumb. It explains how to use citations and prepare mathematics writing. Besides, it highlights the common mistakes to avoid them in your own papers.

Additional Writing Tips

Sometimes, it’s impossible to write a good computer science essay even when you have access to proper information sources. Some people aren’t able to synthesize the ideas and make use out of them. Therefore, it’s better to use the help of professional writers.

Thus, you may use computer science essay writing help from experts. Just get in touch with a highly reputed and trustworthy academic writing agency which will compose computer science papers without delays and much effort. Such companies will meet your demands and the toughest standards. These professional academic essay writing services are accessible 24 hours round the clock.

As you can see, an extended essay on computer science is complex. The informative sources we have mentioned above will serve you well. Read them, take some notes, and use smart tips to tackle your assignment effectively. Don’t forget to look at other sources and use online writing help.