FirebaseExploiter is a vulnerability discovery tool that discovers Firebase Database which are open and can be exploitable. Primarily built for mass hunting bug bounties and for penetration testing.


  • Mass vulnerability scanning from list of hosts
  • Custom JSON data in exploit.json to upload during exploit
  • Custom URI path for exploit


This will display help for the CLI tool. Here are all the required arguments it supports.


FirebaseExploiter was built using go1.19. Make sure you use latest version of Go to install successfully. Run the following command to install the latest version:

go install -v

Running FirebaseExploiter

To scan a specific domain to check for Insecure Firebase DB.

To exploit a Firebase DB to write your own JSON document in it.

Create your own exploit.json file in proper JSON format to exploit vulnerable Firebase DBs.

Checking the exploited URL to verify the vulnerability.

Adding custom path for exploiting Firebase DBs.

Mass scanning for Insecure Firebase Databases from list of target hosts.

Exploiting vulnerable Firebase DBs from the list of target hosts.


FirebaseExploiter is made with ???? by the SecureBinary team. Any tweaks / community contribution are welcome.

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