SIPI – Simple IP Information Tools for Reputation Data Analysis

SIPI tool is aimed for Incident Response Team and anyone what’s want to know the behaviour of the “suspicious” IP Address. The tools do search looking for reputation info from a set of open threat intelligence sources. Information about this IP like malware activity, malicious activity, blacklist, spam and botnet activity.

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  • request
  • shodan
pip install requests & easy_install shodan
git clone "repositori"
config API token into config.json
try: $> python any_ip -A

SIPI Descripcion

Simple IP Information Tool

sIPi - is a free reconnaissance tool for obtain IP Address Information from
 many Open Sources: | |

Julian J. Gonzalez Caracuel

It is a tool that analyzes an IP or IP list, obtaining as a result information about:

       - reputación / actividad
	- nivel de exposición 
	- geolocalización

Reputation / detection of the IP in blacklists according to the following categories:

 Source: - Cymon is the largest open tracker of malware, phishing, botnets, spam, and more
	   'malicious activity',

Nivel de exposición:

Source: - Shodan is the world's first search engine for Internet-connected devices.
Obtiene información toda la dirección IP que tiene SHODAN sobre la dirección IP, dependiendo del nivel de acceso al motor SHODAN 
se podra obtener información con mayor cantidad de datos (número de puertos, banner, geolocalización)

Obtiene información simple de la dirección IP, geolocalización e información sobre el ASN, permite un ratio de 1000/day

Installation Requirements  - Necesita token de autenticación - usuario registrado ratio: 1000/days - Necesita token de autenticación - usuario registrado limite 100 resultados, puertos limitados

The configuration of the tokens is entered in File: config.json, which must be in the directory where is executed << API token from all service is setting up into a “config.json” filename place in the root directory >>



pip install requests


easy_install shodan