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Must Need

iKy : OSINT Project To Collect Information From Mail

iKy : OSINT Project To Collect Information From Mail

Project iKy is a tool that collects information from an email and shows results in a nice visual interface.

SDK-SMS-Stack : GSM Short Message Service Provided with TPC/IP Based Characteristics

SDK-SMS-Stack is a Framework to provided TPC/IP based characteristics to the GSM Short Message Service. This framework works in...

ADModule – Microsoft Signed ActiveDirectory PowerShell Module

ADModule is a Microsoft signed DLL for the ActiveDirectory PowerShell module. Just a backup for the Microsoft's ActiveDirectory PowerShell module from Server 2016 with RSAT...
Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Linux & Termux

Nexphisher : Advanced Phishing Tool For Linux & Termux

NexPhisher is an automated Phishing tool made for Termux & Linux .The phishing Pages are Taken from Zphisher under GNU General Public...
Python RAT

Stitch A Cross Platform Python Remote Administration Tool

This is a cross-platform python framework that permits you to create custom payloads for Windows, Mac OSX, and UNIX moreover. you're ready to choose...

WiFiJammer – Continuously Jam All Wi-Fi Clients/Routers

WiFiJammer continuously jam all wifi clients and access points within range. The effectiveness of this script is constrained by your wireless card. Alfa cards...

EKFiddle – A framework Based On The Fiddler Web Debugger To...

EKFiddle is a framework based on the Fiddler web debugger to study Exploit Kits, malvertising and malicious traffic in general. Enable C# scripting (Windows only) Launch...