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Gcat – Sneaking Backdoor Use Gmail As A Command &...

Gcat is a stealthy Python based backdoor that uses Gmail as a command and control server. This project was inspired by the original PoC... : Reinstall, Restore & Wipe Your System Via SSH, Without... is a tool to reinstall, restore and wipe your system from the level and in the place of the running...

Anevicon : A High-Performant UDP-Based Load Generator

Anevicon is a high-performant traffic generator, designed to be as convenient and reliable as it is possible. It...

Pwndb : Search For Leaked Credentials

Pwndb is a python command-line tool for searching leaked credentials using the Onion service with the same name.

Psad : Intrusion Detection & Log Analysis with IPtables

The Port Scan Attack Detector psad is a lightweight system daemon written in is designed to work with Linux iptables/ip6tables/firewalld firewalling code to detect...
Git Hound – Find Exposed Keys Across GitHub Using Code Search Keywords

Git Hound – Find Exposed Keys Across GitHub Using Code Search...

Git Hound makes it easy to find exposed APi keys on GitHub using pattern matching, targetted querying, and a scoring system.

Metateta – Automated Tool For Scanning And Exploiting Network Protocols

Metateta is an automated tool for scanning and exploiting network protocols using metasploit and for faster pen testing for large networks. Network protocols are...