Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Must Need


Flightsim : Utility to Generate Malicious Network Traffic & Evaluate Controls

Flightsim is a lightweight utility used to generate malicious network traffic and help security teams to evaluate security controls and network visibility.
WESNG :  Next Generation Windows Exploit Suggester

WESNG : Next Generation Windows Exploit Suggester

WESNG is a tool based on the output of Windows' systeminfo utility which provides the list of vulnerabilities the OS is...

How to use Masscan to Enumerate Large Number of Hosts Quickly

Masscan has been around for some time now and already it's in use by pentesters all around. It's a reconnaissance tool which can transmit up to 10...

BLEAH – A BLE Scanner For SMART Devices Hacking

BLEAH is a BLE scanner for SMART devices hacking based on the bluepy library, dead easy to use because retarded devices should be dead...

DVIA – Damn Vulnerable iOS Application

Damn Vulnerable iOS App or DVIA is an iOS application that is damn vulnerable. Its fundamental objective is to give a stage to portable...

Docker-Inurlbr : Exploit GET / POST Capturing Emails & Urls

Docker-Inurlbr is a advanced search in search engines, enables analysis provided to exploit GET / POST capturing emails & urls, with an internal custom...
Rock-ON : All In One Recon Tool That Will Just Get A Single Entry Of The Domain Name & Do All Of The Work Alone

Rock-ON : All In One Recon Tool That Will Just Get...

Rock-On is a all in one recon tool that will help your Recon process give a boost. It is mainly aimed...