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Reconnaissance, Identification & Fingerprinting of Web Application Firewall using WAFW00F

Web Application firewalls are typically firewalls working on the application layer which monitors & modifies HTTP requests. The key difference is that WAFs work...

FTPBruter : A FTP Server Brute Forcing Tool Written In Python...

Brute forcing tool for FTP server. FTPBruter can work in any OS if they have and support Python 3. Brute force...

Nmap-Bootstrap-XSL : A Nmap XSL implementation with Bootstrap

Nmap-Bootstrap-XSL is a  Nmap XSL implementation with Bootstrap. Nmap-Bootstrap-XSL Usage Add the nmap-bootstrap.xsl as stylesheet to your Nmap scan. Example: nmap -sS -T4 -A -sC -oA...
UserRecon-PY : Find Username In Social Networks

UserRecon-PY : Find Username In Social Networks

Userrecon-PY is a tool used to find usernames in social networks. Installation Install...
Converto : Installing Kali Linux on VPS Server

Converto : Installing Kali Linux on VPS Server

Converto is a automated Kali Linux or Parrot OS installer for VPS, also installs VNC (Graphical / Non-Graphical VNC). It is tested...

IP-Biter : The Hacker-friendly E-Mail Tracking Framework

IP-Biter is an open source, easy to deploy, tracking framework that generate high configurable and unique tracking images and links to embed in e-mails,...

Tool-X : Kali Linux Hacking Tool Installer

Tool-X is a Kali linux hacking Tool installer, with the help of it you can install best hacking tools in Rooted or Non Rooted...

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