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ReelPhish – A Real-Time Two-Factor Phishing Tool

Security Firm FireEye Released a new Phishing tool called ReelPhish to simplifies the real-time Phishing attack that is designed to be run on the...

Blackeye – Complete Phishing Tool, With 32 Templates +1 Customizable

BLACKEYE is an upgrade from original ShellPhish tool by thelinuxchoice under GNU license. BLACKEYE is the most complete Phishing Tool, with 32 templates +1...
SUDO KILLER : A Tool To Identify & Exploit Sudo Rules’ Misconfigurations & Vulnerabilities Within Sudo

SUDO KILLER : A Tool To Identify & Exploit Sudo Rules’...

SUDO KILLER is a tool which help to abuse SUDO in different ways and with the main objective of performing a privilege...

Osmedeus – Automatic Reconnaisance and Scanning in Penetration Testing

Osmedeus is a automatic Reconnaisance and Scanning in Penetration Testing. Osmedeus allow you to do boring stuff in Pentesting automatically like reconnaissance and scanning...

H8mail – Email OSINT And Password Breach Hunting

Email OSINT and password breach hunting. Use h8mail to find passwords through different breach and reconnaissance services, or the infamous...
WiFi Password Decryptor

WiFi Password Decryptor Software To Recover Wireless Password

WiFi Password Decryptor is the FREE software to in a flash recover Wireless record passwords put away on your framework. It consequently recover all...

SPF – SpeedPhish Framework For Phishing Exercises

SPF is nothing but a SpeedPhish Framework tool designed using a python to allow for quick recon and deployment of simple social engineering phishing...

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