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Hershell – Simple TCP Reverse Shell Which Can Work On Multiple...

Hershell is a simple TCP reverse shell written in Go. It uses TLS to secure the communications, and provide a certificate public key fingerprint...
TeleShadow3 : Telegram Desktop Session Stealer (Windows)

TeleShadow3 : Telegram Desktop Session Stealer (Windows)

Teleshadow3 is a advanced Telegram desktop session hijacker for windows, you can download tool by clickin here. Set the email and...

Penetration Testing Resources For Simulated Attacks

Penetration testing, all the more usually called pentesting, is the act of discovering openings that could be abused in an application, system or framework...

Django DefectDojo : Open-Source Application Vulnerability Correlation & Security Orchestration Tool

DefectDojo is a security program and vulnerability management tool. It allows you to manage your application security program, maintain product and application...

LAPSToolkit : Tool to Audit & Attack LAPS Environments

LAPSToolkit functions written in PowerShell that leverage PowerView to audit and attack Active Directory environments that have deployed Microsoft's Local Administrator Password...

Just-Metadata : Tool That Gathers & Analyzes Metadata About IP Addresses

Just-Metadata is a tool that can be used to gather intelligence information passively about a large number of IP addresses, and...

Social10x Review

Being Instagram famous takes more than just posting a few images on Instagram and taking the credit - you have to do more. It involves...

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