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Must Need

Objection : Runtime Mobile Exploration

Objection : Runtime Mobile Exploration

Objection is a runtime mobile exploration toolkit, powered by Frida. It was built with the aim of helping assess mobile applications and...

Darksplitz : Exploit Framework

Darksplitz is a exploit framework tool that is continued from Nefix, DirsPy and Xmasspy project. Installation
Burpsuite Extensions

Burpsuite Extensions – A collection of Burp Suite extensions

A collection of BurpSuite extensions. Burpsuite Extensions gunziper A plugin for the burpsuite ( which enables you to "unpack" requests/responses (e.g. do an base64decode and afterwards...
APK-MITM : Android APK Files for HTTPS Inspection

APK-MITM : Android APK Files for HTTPS Inspection

APK-MITM is a CLI application that automatically prepares Android APK files for HTTPS inspection. Inspecting a mobile app's...
Public WiFi

How Safe is to Use the Internet From Public WiFi?

The Internet has taken over our lives in such a powerful way that sometimes, we can't seem to thrive if we don't have access...

ReelPhish – A Real-Time Two-Factor Phishing Tool

ReelPhish is a real-time two-factor phishing tool. This ReelPhish tool has been released along with a FireEye blog post. The blog post can be...

Hassh : Tool Used To Identify Specific Client & Server SSH...

HASSH is a network fingerprinting standard which can be used to identify specific Client and Server SSH implementations. The fingerprints can be easily stored,...