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Pwndb : Search For Leaked Credentials

Pwndb is a python command-line tool for searching leaked credentials using the Onion service with the same name.

Osmedeus : Fully Automated Offensive Security Tool for Reconnaissance & Vulnerability...

Osmedeus allow you automated run the collection of awesome tools to reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning against the target. If you have...
MozDef: Mozilla Enterprise Defense Platform

MozDef: Mozilla Enterprise Defense Platform

The inspiration for MozDef comes from the large arsenal of tools available to attackers. Suites like metasploit, armitage, lair, dradis and others...
Yaazhini – Free Android APK & API Vulnerability Scanner

Yaazhini – Free Android APK & API Vulnerability Scanner

Yaazhini is a free vulnerability scanner for android APK and API. It is a user-friendly tool that you can easily scan any...
Best Writing Tools Linux

4 Best Writing Tools Linux

Every writer would undoubtedly use a helping hand when it comes to producing great content. As such, having access to writing tools is paramount;...

Raptor WAF : Web Application Firewall Using DFA Beta

Raptor is a Web application firewall made in C, uses DFA to block SQL injection, Cross site scripting and path traversal.

DNS-Shell : An Interactive Shell Over DNS Channel

DNS-Shell is an interactive Shell over DNS channel. The server is Python based and can run on any operating system that...

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