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Must Need


Microsoft Bosque Programming Language

The Bosque programming language is a Microsoft Research project that is investigating language designs for writing code that is simple, obvious, and easy to...

Joomla Vulnerability Component Scanner – JCS

JCS (Joomla Component Scanner) made for penetration testing reason on Joomla CMS JCS can help you with the most recent component vulnerabilities and endeavors....

Arjun : HTTP Parameter Discovery Suite

Also Read - PFQ : Functional Network Framework for Multi-Core Architectures Usage

AutoRDPwn – The Shadow Attack Framework

AutoRDPwn is a script created in Powershell and designed to automate the Shadow attack on Microsoft Windows computers. This vulnerability allows a remote attacker...
Attack Monitor : Endpoint Detection & Malware Analysis Software

Attack Monitor : Endpoint Detection & Malware Analysis Software

Attack Monitor is Python application written to enhance security monitoring capabilities of Windows 7/2008 (and all later versions) workstations/servers and...

Vproxy – Forward HTTP/S Traffic To Proxy Instance

Vproxy tool is used to forward HTTP/S traffic to proxy instance. The WIFI proxy option in your mobile device doesn't make you capture all...
UFS : Ultimate Facebook Scraper

UFS : Ultimate Facebook Scraper

UFS is a bot which scrapes almost everything about a Facebook user's profile including all public posts/statuses available on the user's timeline,...