Web Scraping is like an engine of power, incredibly powerful. Whether a startup idea just grows on your mind or you are existing companies that need level up your business, do not underestimate the power of this automatic technology.

Today, I will review the top 4 ways to use a Web Scraper like the most known Parshub or Mozenda by businesses. The more knowledge, the more success.

What is Web Scraping?

In simple words, web scraping is the process of gathering data by a computer program or bot that reads the HTML code from web pages, looking for specific data, taking these data and structuring them in your database for further analysis and usage.

There are numerous ways that businesses can make use of a Web Scraper. However, to be more realistic, let’s discuss them in real-world scenarios.

Top 4 ways to use in business

1. Lead generation more easily

The ability to generate more leads can decide the success of any business because leads can help to represent your brand through customers and influencers.  Business is always hungry for customers’ data and Web Scraping is the powerful key to this.

Web Scraping is a cutting-edge technology that can search and collect leads’ contact information from millions of websites within the shortest time.

You need to complete information on leads to shortlist your relevant search: the business profile, address, email, phone, age, working hours, etc. Then, you can scrape among websites, publications, social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn,…The Web Scraper will gather needed contact information and save it into your database.

When businesses have a database of email addresses or phones of their target audiences, they can contact them to make a sales introduction or advertise their projects in bulk.

2. Enhance customers’ understanding

The competition between businesses in every market may never end up due to an immense flux of new entrepreneurs each year. It makes entry into the market even become tougher. The survival of every business requests for the understanding of both competitors and customers.

Businesses use the Web Scraper to scrape prices, reviews, comments on products, customer demands and trends to better their service and products.

This up-to-date information can help businesses to give out some predictive analysis on trends for some plan future strategies, make improvements through feedbacks and get better understandings of the audience’s needs to make exclusive propositions.

3. E-commerce comparison

Nowadays, there are several websites and applications called ‘the site-specific web crawling websites’ or ‘the price comparison websites’ as a result of the positive development in the E-commerce market. They are ‘an intermediary bridge’ between businesses and customers, that help businesses easily compare pricing between numerous retailers. To do this thing, businesses use a Web Scraper to scrape website price, product description and images to gather product data to analyze, affiliate and compare.

By creating the scraping agent via the scrape progress, businesses can sell products at the competitive rate, track the details related to the product and make their own comparison site.

4. Website transitions

Several huge businesses have enormous data systems in storage. However, what’s if a big company wants to transition the working environment to a more modern one or expands the company’s branches? They cannot copy and paste all that data because of many large and outdated websites that hold a lot of important data, even some crucial information might be losen.

In these cases, a Web Scraper can quickly and easily export data or information from the host web to any new platform. The data will be copied originally and the rate of lost and misplaced information is incredibly low.

 In the era of big data, businesses really need Web Scraping to power up. Web Scraping is an incredible tool to collect data fast and automatedly. Basing on your business, you can find your favourable scraping website to make use. 

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