XCTR Hacking Tools 2020

XCTR Hacking Tools initially, you need to create a project where you will save everything. All of the collected information is saved as “project-name” in results directory.

You can update user agent and proxy information in the settings section and also update url, proxy, project name, wordlist, thread numbers.


This tool include:

  • Dork Finder
  • Admin Panel Finder
  • Cms Finder
  • Ip History
  • Reverse Ip
  • Page Viewer
  • Proxy Finder


  • Installation with requirements.txt

git clone https://github.com/capture0x/XCTR-Hacking-Tools/
cd xctr-hacking-tools
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

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python3 xctr.py

All results save in results/project-name.

  • Dork Finder

The dork finder have 2 section. Bing and yandex.



  • Admin Panel Finder
  • In this section, firstly need choose a wordlist for scanning.
  • Press 2 to change wordlist and login.
  • Url should be https://targetsite.com/ (http or s and / symbol at the end of the url.)
  • If scanning is slow you will update the proxies.(Press 3 to update)

CMS Finder

You’ll find cms version from meta name.

IP History

This tool displays and save the ip history of the domain.

e.g usage:


Reverse IP

With this tool, you can find domains on server.

e.g usage:

Page Viewer

You can increase the number of page views of the target site.

e.g usage:


Proxy Finder

This tool, find proxies on free-proxy-list.net and updates proxy.txt on main directory.


Credit: Hulya Karabag