2020 Best Colleges for Computer Science in America

2020 Best Colleges for Computer Science in America

The USA is considered to be the best country for studying Computer Science and everything related to Information Technologies. It is the homeland of Google Inc, Microsoft, Apple, and other technological giants. It is American universities that train the most prestigious I.T. specialists in demand around the world. Students are offered a wide range of specializations in artificial intelligence, computer networks, cybersecurity, databases, web technologies, graphics, and multimedia, etc. The quality of education in American universities guarantees graduates’ high employment rate within six months after graduation. Obviously, getting an education in this field is not easy work and requires a lot of effort. Fortunately, students can always find help with college papers when facing challenges.

We analyzed the university rankings worldwide and chose the best colleges offering degrees in Computer Science in the United States.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

One of the best Computer Science programs in the U.S. is a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering offered by MIT (in 2020, this university ranks first in the world in terms of Computer Science). Moreover, it is also the most popular Bachelor’s program at MIT. However, it is not surprising — the average salary of graduates in this specialty is $90 000 per year.

Students are required to take one introductory course (robotics, software, communications networks, or medical technology), one basic programming course (introduction to Python programming), and a set of required courses in order to specialize in Computer Science. In addition, MIT has a special requirement related to the development of communication skills. A minimum of four courses must include intensive oral or written communication, such as humanitarian courses, where students must write regular essays or prepare reviews and presentations.

The full cost of annual Bachelor’s degree programs for 2020-2021 is $76,150.

The average cost of a Master’s degree, excluding financial benefits, is up to $53,450.

Stanford University

Stanford University is an innovator in high-tech and I.T. education in America. It is in the top-3 universities in the U.S. in many fields, including engineering and Information Technology. A special feature of education is to create a customized curriculum for each student, which allows you to take into account all your strong and weak points. In addition to maths analysis, the students at Stanford have four more maths courses to study.

The Computer Science Department is part of the School of Engineering. Strong research groups are in artificial intelligence, robotics, basic computer science, scientific computing and systems. The university’s main educational goal is to prepare students for research and teaching at university or in the manufacturing industry.

The university is not only popular among students but also highly recognized at the official level. Thus, the educational institution holds the leading positions in the Academic Rating of Universities of the world, in Forbes, U.S. News & World Report.

The cost of the Bachelor’s degree program per year starts at $47,940.

Master’s degree costs from $31,554 a year.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is located in Pennsylvania and is known for its extensive research in science, technology, innovation, I.T., robotics, and artificial intelligence.

The College of Engineering and the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering offers the following academic programs: I.T. and Mobile Systems (MSIT-MOB), I.T. and Information Security (MSIT-IS), I.T. and Software Management (MSIT-SM). These programs are available at the Master’s level and include an in-depth study of all aspects of the industry, graduating I.T. professionals who are fully prepared to work for the world’s best employers.

The educational process includes mastering theory at the main university campus and gaining unique professional experience at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. MSIT-MOB students study technical and business aspects of innovative mobile systems, applications, services, and devices.

MSIT-IS program prepares students for work in IT-industry, combining training in IT-technologies with training in effective development and management in the information security sphere. MSIT-SM students prepare for a career in software engineering and project management. Thus, the university’s training courses cover the whole range of disciplines related to IT-technology and graduate students who are fully prepared for professional activity.

One year of education costs around $74,623.

Harvard University

Harvard University, founded in 1636, is the oldest university in the United States and one of the most prestigious in the world. It is ranked 4th in the international ranking of the best universities with Computer Science programs in the USA.

Professors of the Computer Science department perform innovative work in a wide range of fields, including theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, intelligent interfaces, computer graphics, computational linguistics, privacy and security, robotics, data management systems, networks, energy-efficient architectures, programming languages, machine learning, and visualization.

The price of one year of getting a Bachelor’s degree is starting from $43,280.