AutoExif is a powerful Bash script designed to streamline the process of editing image metadata through the exiftool utility.

This guide provides a straightforward approach to installing and using AutoExif, making it accessible for users who wish to modify image files easily.

Developed by SirCryptic, AutoExif is an open-source tool licensed under the MIT License, ensuring it is free for all to use and modify.


To install Autoexif, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Navigate to the Autoexif directory: cd autoexif
  3. Execute the script: bash


Autoexif allows you to modify metadata in image files using a simple and intuitive command-line interface.

Once you’ve navigated to the Autoexif directory and executed the script, you’ll be presented with a menu of options for modifying image metadata.

Simply follow the prompts to enter the relevant metadata fields and modify them as desired.


Autoexif was developed by SirCryptic and is released under the MIT License.

Version History

  • rjw5
  • rjw4


This script now installs along with the dependencies, so you can just type autoexif in any terminal.

If you prefer, you can also install the dependencies yourself and place the script inside the folder with the images you want to modify.

In this case, you can then type the image name rather than the image directory and name.

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