This meticulously curated repository offers a treasure trove for tracking the historical webpack chunks, along with automation scripts and a detailed changelog, providing transparency and insights into the development journey of ChatGPT.

Analyzing the evolution of ChatGPT’s codebase through time with curated archives and scripts.

Or, to put it more poetically, in the eloquent words of ChatGPT itself:

ChatGPT Source Watch is a meticulously curated repository that serves as a treasure trove for those interested in observing the evolution of ChatGPT’s webpack chunks.

It gracefully preserves the historical webpack chunks in their original splendor, while also offering a breath of fresh air with unpacked and beautifully formatted versions of the chunk files.

This thoughtful touch empowers you to effortlessly analyze the nuances between different builds.

But there’s more – it’s not just about the chunks. The repository is adorned with a detailed changelog that tracks the symphony of changes over time, and is equipped with a suite of automation scripts that act as your personal concierge.

ChatGPT Source Watch stands as a beacon of transparency and a portal to discovery.

Table Of Contents

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  • Repository Structure
  • Helper Scripts
  • Getting Started
  • Related Research and Notes
  • License
  • Responsible Usage
  • Star History


If you’re looking for a concise summary of the changes and updates in ChatGPT’s codebase over time, the is probably what you need. It’s a comprehensive record of changes made in each build version and serves as a quick reference.

For those interested in a more detailed analysis or diving into the code, the repository also contains the original webpack chunks and unpacked, formatted versions of the chunk files.

If the particular build/chunk version you’re looking for isn’t archived in this repo, you could also try checking the WayBack Machine to see if they have captured.


A couple of the places we first announced this project:

Feel free to join in on the discussions or share your own thoughts and experiences with the repository. We value your feedback and contributions!

Repository Structure

  • A record of changes made in each build version.
  • scripts/: Helper scripts to streamline various tasks in the repository.
  • orig/: This directory contains the raw unmodified webpack chunks from each build, saved for historical reference.
  • unpacked/: This directory contains the unpacked and biome formatted version of the chunk files, for easier diffing and analysis.

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