CobaltStrikeParser is a Python parser for CobaltStrike Beacon’s configuration.

Use for stageless beacons, memory dumps or C2 urls with metasploit compatibility mode (default true).
Many stageless beacons are PEs where the beacon code itself is stored in the .data section and xored with 4-byte key.
The script tries to find the xor key and data heuristically, decrypt the data and parse the configuration from it.

This is designed so it can be used as a library too.

The repo now also includes a small commuincation module ( that can help with communcating to a C2 server as a beacon.


usage: [-h] [–json] [–quiet] [–version VERSION] beacon
Parses CobaltStrike Beacon’s configuration from PE, memory dump or URL.
positional arguments:
beacon This can be a file path or a url (if started with http/s)
optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
–json Print as json
–quiet Do not print missing or empty settings
–version VERSION Try as specific cobalt version (3 or 4). If not specified, tries both.


To use the communication poc copy it to the main folder and run it from there. For installing the M2Crypto library (a requirement for the poc) on Windows, it’s easiest with installers found online, and not through pip.