Dalfox : Parameter Analysis & XSS Scanning Tool

DalFox is just XSS Scanning and Parameter Analysis tool. I previously developed XSpear, a ruby-based XSS tool, and this time, a full change occurred during the process of porting with golang!!! and created it as a new project. The basic concept is to analyze parameters, find XSS, and verify them based on DOM Parser.

I talk about naming. Dal(달) is the Korean pronunciation of moon and fox was made into Fox(Find Of XSS).

Key Features

  • Paramter Analysis (find reflected parameter, find free/bad characters, Identification of injection point)
  • Static Analysis (Check Bad-header like CSP, X-Frame-optiopns, etc.. with base request/response base)
  • Optimization query of payloads
    • Check the injection point through abstraction and generated the fit payload.
    • Eliminate unnecessary payloads based on badchar
  • XSS Scanning(Reflected + Stored) and DOM Base Verifying
  • All test payloads(build-in, your custom/blind) are tested in parallel with the encoder.
    • Support to Double URL Encoder
    • Support to HTML Hex Encoder
  • Friendly Pipeline (single url, from file, from IO)
  • And the various options required for the testing 😀
    • built-in / custom grepping for find other vulnerability
    • if you found, after action
    • etc..

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How To Install?

There are a total of three ways to Personally, I recommend go install.

Developer version (go-get or go-install)


  • clone this repo

$ git clone

  • install in cloned dalfox path

$ go install

  • using dalfox

$ ~/go/bin/dalfox


  • go get dalfox!

$ go get -u

  • using dalfox

$ ~/go/bin/dalfox

Release Version

  1. Open latest release page
  2. Download file Download and extract the file that fits your OS.
  3. You can put it in the execution directory and use it. e.g

$ cp dalfox /usr/bin/


Parameter Analysis and XSS Scanning tool based on golang
Finder Of XSS and Dal is the Korean pronunciation of moon. @hahwul

dalfox [command]

Available Commands:
– file Use file mode(targets list or rawdata)
– help Help about any command
– pipe Use pipeline mode
– sxss Use Stored XSS mode
– update Update DalFox (Binary patch)
– url Use single target mode
– version Show version

-b, –blind string Add your blind xss (e.g -b
–config string Using config from file
-C, –cookie string Add custom cookie
–custom-payload string Add custom payloads from file
-d, –data string Using POST Method and add Body data
–delay int Milliseconds between send to same host (1000==1s)
–found-action string If found weak/vuln, action(cmd) to next
–grep string Using custom grepping file (e.g –grep ./samples/sample_grep.json)
-H, –header string Add custom headers
-h, –help help for dalfox
–ignore-return string Ignore scanning from return code (e.g –ignore-return 302,403,404)
–only-discovery Only testing parameter analysis
-o, –output string Write to output file
–output-format string -o/–output ‘s format (txt/json/xml)
-p, –param string Only testing selected parameters
–proxy string Send all request to proxy server (e.g –proxy
–silence Not printing all logs
–timeout int Second of timeout (default 10)
–user-agent string Add custom UserAgent
-w, –worker int Number of worker (default 40)

$ dalfox [mode] [flags]

Single target mode

$ dalfox url\?cat\=123\&artist\=123\&asdf\=ff -b

Multiple target mode from file

$ dalfox file urls_file –custom-payload ./mypayloads.txt

Pipeline mode

$ cat urls_file | dalfox pipe -H “AuthToken: bbadsfkasdfadsf87”

Other tips, See wiki for detailed instructions!