OSINT tool to scrape names and usernames from large friend lists on Facebook, without being rate limited.

The capabilities of the Facebook Friend List Scraper, an advanced OSINT tool designed for efficiently extracting names and usernames from Facebook profiles.

This guide covers installation, usage, and features of the tool, ensuring you can navigate Facebook’s complex data landscape without hitting rate limits.

Ideal for security researchers and data analysts, this scraper is a must-have in your digital toolkit.

Getting Started:

  • Install using pip: python -m pip install fb-friend-list-scraper
  • Script is now installed as fbfriendlistscraper
  • Run with -h or --help to show usage information.


usage: fbfriendlistscraper [-h] -e EMAIL [-p PASSWORD] -u USERNAME [-o OUTFILE] [-w] [-q] [-x] [-s SLEEPMULTIPLIER] [-i PROXY] [-c CMD]

Tool to scrape names and usernames from large friend lists on Facebook, without being rate limited

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -e EMAIL, --email EMAIL
                        Email address or phone number to login with.
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
                        Password to login with. If not supplied you will be prompted. You really shouldn't use this for security reasons.
  -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                        Username of the user to scrape.
  -o OUTFILE, --outfile OUTFILE
                        Path of the output file. (Default: ./scraped_friends.txt)
  -w, --headless        Run webdriver in headless mode.
  -q, --quiet           Do not print scraped users to screen.
  -x, --onlyusernames   Only the usernames/IDs will be written to the output file.
                        Multiply sleep time between each page scrape by n. Useful when being easily rate-limited.
  -i PROXY, --proxy PROXY
                        Proxy server to use for connecting. Username/password can be supplied like: socks5://user:pass@host:port
  -c CMD, --cmd CMD     Shell command to run after each page scrape. Useful for changing proxy/VPN exit.

        fbfriendlistscraper -e your@email.com -p YourPassword123 -u someusername.123 -o my_file.txt
        fbfriendlistscraper --email your@email.com --username another.user --headless -s 2 -x
        fbfriendlistscraper -e your@email.com -u username.johnson -w --proxy socks5://
        fbfriendlistscraper -e your@email.com -u xxuserxx --headless --cmd "mullvad relay set provider Quadranet"
        fbfriendlistscraper -e your@email.com -u markzuckerburger -w -o ./test.txt --cmd "killall -HUP tor"

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