Ten Facts about Your Resume That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you looking for a job? For this, you will need a resume. In this article, we are going to give you a few hints on how to do everything properly.

A resume is the first requirement that comes to mind when looking for a job. It is a chance to showcase yourself. However, there are some hidden facts about a resume as well that will blow your mind.

1. A resume is Your selling point

This is probably the most obvious point, yet not many understand the gravity. From a recruiter’s perspective who receives scores of applications for a single position, your resume is the basic point that defines your potential. Well-versed recruiters eliminate most resumes in just one glance. What they are searching for are the special points that truly define a candidate. Every recruiter has a set definition of the candidate as per the profile that they are looking for.

2.      Make yourself an asset for the company

A recruiter’s focus is to find the candidate that adds value to the company. Hence, your CVshould showcase you as a versatile candidate who is fluid enough to adapt to every situation and role that the company puts in front of him. The most successful candidate is the one who may not match all the requirements of the job profile but has the ability to provide the best results in the minimal timeframe. Every company looks for potential employees who have the ability to reap more benefits through less investment and resources. Your resume should ideally portray you to be an asset for the company.

3.      Resume is not everything

This is probably the most underrated fact. However, a resume is not the prime means of communication that you have with your recruiter. Itis a statement of facts and your achievements, but some companies offer you a chance to submit a cover letter too. A cover letter has the potential of making you successful even when your resume has some flaws. Convey your reasons for a sabbatical or lack of achievements or experience but in a way that truly identifies you as strength to the company.

4.      A resume can be a rut

Candidates usually either end up looking for a format online or choose to go with the same format as all of their batch mates are using when formulating their resumes. However, this is one of the biggest traps that they can set for themselves.

With the same skillset, there is nothing left to define your uniqueness. In case you need help with building up your CV, then there are multiple online sources that you can easily avail. Planet resume is also a good source to help you with the same. Think out of the box to make your documentary stand out. It need not be pink and scented to stand out one in a thousand to show that you are one in a million!

5.      Recruiters are reading between the lines

You have an influential resume highlighting your skills and certificates. But these skills are just fulfilling 5% of your recruiters’ requirements. What a recruiter is looking for is what each achievement truly showcases of your character. There are certain skills that truly define an ideal candidate.

Diligence, dedication, resilience, the ability to stand firm to deadlines, and how innovatively you can think of solutions under duress is what they actually try to identify through your achievements. Hence, most recruiters look for candidates who have been extremely active throughout their college and have reprised organizational and managerial roles to identify these key qualities.

6.      Resume is an extension of you

For any recruiter, your CVis a true reflection of your personality. Think of all your strengths and weaknesses that truly define who you are, what you truly think of yourself, and what you are extremely proud of, and only then pen down your what you have in mind.

Focus on what was going on in your mind when you became the head of your college union, or maybe when you were to tweak the observations at the last minute to bring out the result of your project. It is these qualities that will make you bag the job rather than the technical background, which is common in 90% of the resumes.

7.      Resume is your golden opportunity

Imagine watching a movie and getting mesmerized by the protagonist. What the movie does for the protagonist in 90 minutes is exactly what your CV needs to do for you. Hence, build your resume by seeing it as a golden ticket for you to make yourself shine through. Be uniquely you.

8.      Most resumes are a mistake

Resumes can be bad or good, depending on the candidate. The reason is that most candidates try to showcase themselves to be the right fit for the role rather than the company. Most candidates go by the archaic means of writing their resumes and pen it down as if they are filling up an application form as per a checklist. Such a pieceis immediately discarded by the recruiters as it lacks anything special.

9.      Resumes are not confined by achievements

Candidates often feel that lack of achievements will lead to a poor resume. However, the art of writing a resume is actually making a resume extremely special even when there are not many experiences or achievements to gloat on. Sometimes such candidates stand a major chance of landing the job as they have a blank canvas to truly showcase their inherent qualities.

10.  Resumes can be colorful

It is no longer required for your resumes to be conventional. Sometimes, employees really come up with some innovative ideas to get interviews. For instance, a songwriter can easily make a song out of their resume. There have been instances when candidates have used humor to make them special. Such pieces immediately catch the eye of the recruiting managers.

Published by Balaji N

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