In today’s day and age, running a business means using complex technological systems. That’s both a good and a bad thing. It has never been quicker and easier to use technology to help organize and run your business, but there has never been more programs you have to deal with either!

Integrating your systems can be the solution. For example, security orchestration can join multiple cybersecurity technologies into a single system, while a single information system can gather important data from multiple systems and store it in the same place.

Integrating your systems can take time and money up front, but it’s well worth it in the long run because you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits.

Save Time

There is a lot of advice out there on how to save time at work. Just a few ideas include:

  • Plan the details of your day ahead of time.
  • Start with important tasks first.
  • Spend less time on unimportant tasks.
  • Give yourself a timeline for completing a task.

Those are great tips, but the systems you use can also help you save time. If everything is integrated in a single place, you don’t have to waste time searching multiple systems for an important piece of information. If you manage a team, it also means you’ll spend less time helping your team members hunt down information they can’t find because they don’t know where to look.

Save Money

There is a lot of advice out there on how to save time at work, but there is also a lot of advice out there for businesses that want to save money. By all means, negotiate with vendors and reduce time spent in meetings, but you should also integrate your systems if you want to save money.

Aside from the old adage that time is money, and using an integrated system will save you time hunting down information, it can also save you money in more concrete ways. The architecture of an integrated system is less complex than managing multiple systems, which means writing and modifying code for these kinds of systems is easier and quicker to do.

Many programs make it easy for any administrator to make changes quickly, which means you may not have to pay an IT professional to adjust the program at all.

Identify Problems Quickly

Issues will always pop up. That’s just the nature of owning a business. If you are responsible for maintaining multiple systems, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks, which means you’ll experience even more issues. You might fail to check in with a customer, or you may simply overlook an important notification because you get too many irrelevant notifications from all your systems!

It’s a lot easier to identify problems quickly when you use an integrated system. Everything can be found in one place, so things are a lot less likely to fall through the cracks. An integrated system can also make it easier to prevent problems in the future by making analytics research much easier.

Increased Security

It isn’t uncommon for technological systems to be compromised. From malware and viruses to employees who have the wrong permissions enabled, it doesn’t take much for systems to become compromised. That’s especially the case if you can’t keep an eye on your systems because you have too many!

Follow recommended security tips from leading experts in the field, which also means integrating your systems. Having a single system enables you to make sure you have the proper programs in place to protect the entire system, instead of trying to find and update individual security systems for multiple programs. The more programs that need to be updated, and the more programs that have individual permissions, the more likely it is that something can go wrong.

Better Service to Customers

How you treat your customers and clients is extremely important. Even if you’re doing everything else right, if your employees spend too much time on the phone or behind the counter searching for the information that can help each customer, you’re doing them a huge disservice.

Frustration levels build the longer they remain waiting. Make sure every piece of information your staff could possibly need is at their fingertips with an integrated system. Whether it’s a previous purchase or a change of address, an integrated system will enable your employees to help customers quickly.

Stop jumping between systems every time you’re looking for a piece of information. Make it easier for you and your employees by integrating your systems instead. You’ll be glad you did!