Getsploit v0.2.2 – Command Line Utility For Searching And Downloading Exploits

Getsploit allows you to search online for the exploits across all the most popular collections: Exploit-DB, Metasploit, Packetstorm and others. The most powerful feature is immediate exploit source download right in your working path.

Utility was tested on a python2.6, python2.7, python3.6 with SQLite FTS4 support. If you have found any bugs, don’t hesitate to open issue.

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How To Use Getsploit  ?


pip install getsploit


# git clone
# cd getsploit
# ./ wordpress 4.7.0
Total found exploits: 8
Web-search URL:

Save exploit files

# ./ -m wordpress 4.7.0
Total found exploits: 8
Web-search URL:

Local Database

If your Python supports sqlite3 lib(builtin) you can use –update and –local commands to download whole exploit database to your PC. After update you can perform local offline searches.

# ./ --update
Downloading getsploit database archive. Please wait, it may take time. Usually around 5-10 minutes.
219642496/219642496 [100.00%]
Unpacking database.
Database download complete. Now you may search exploits using --local key './ -l wordpress 4.7'