Graphw00F (inspired by wafw00f) is the GraphQL fingerprinting tool for GQL endpoints, it sends a mix of benign and malformed queries to determine the GraphQL engine running behind the scenes. graphw00f will provide insights into what security defences each technology provides out of the box, and whether they are on or off by default.

Specially crafted queries cause different GraphQL server implementations to respond uniquely to queries, mutations and subscriptions, this makes it trivial to fingerprint the backend engine and distinguish between the various GraphQL implementations. (CWE: CWE-200)



graphw00f currently attempts to discover the following GraphQL engines:

  • Graphene – Python
  • Ariadne – Python
  • Apollo – TypeScript
  • graphql-go – Go
  • gqlgen – Go
  • WPGraphQL – PHP
  • GraphQL API for WordPress – PHP
  • Ruby – GraphQL
  • graphql-php – PHP
  • Hasura – Haskell
  • HyperGraphQL – Java
  • graphql-java – Java
  • Juniper – Rust
  • Sangria – Scala
  • Flutter – Dart
  • Diana.jl – Julia
  • Strawberry – Python
  • Tartiflette – Python

GraphQL Technologies Defence Matrices

Each fingerprinted technology (e.g. Graphene, Ariadne, …) has an associated document (example for graphene) which covers the security defence mechanisms the specific technology supports to give a better idea how the implementation may be attacked.

Field SuggestionsQuery Depth LimitQuery Cost AnalysisAutomatic Persisted QueriesIntrospectionDebug ModeBatch Requests
On by DefaultNo SupportNo SupportNo SupportEnabled by DefaultN/AOff by Default


  • python3
  • requests


Clone Repository

git clone

Run graphw00f

python3 -h

Usage: -h
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-r, –noredirect Do not follow redirections given by 3xx responses
-t URL, –target=URL target url with the path
-o OUTPUT_FILE, –output-file=OUTPUT_FILE
Output results to a file (CSV)

-l, –list List all GraphQL technologies graphw00f is able to
-v, –version Print out the current version and exit.


python3 -t
| graphw00f |
*** ***
** ***
** **
+————–+ +————–+
| Node X | | Node Y |
+————–+ +————–+
*** ***
** **
** **
| Node Z |
graphw00f – v1.0.0
The fingerprinting tool for GraphQL
[] Checking if GraphQL is available at… [] Found GraphQL…
[] Attempting to fingerprint… [] Discovered GraphQL Engine: (HyperGraphQL)
[!] Attack Surface Matrix:
[!] Technologies: Java
[!] Homepage:
[*] Completed.