GTRS – Google Translator Reverse Shell 2018

GTRS tools uses Google Translator as a proxy to send arbitrary commands to an infected machine.


GTRS Environment Configuration

First you need a VPS and a domain

GTRS Server

Start the on your VPS

Server running on port: 80
Secret Key: e294a11e-bb6f-49ed-b03a-9ec42be55062

It will provide you secret key which will be used on the client.

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Client bash

Run the client on a computer with access to Google Translator, providing domain and the secret key generated by the server.

bash e294a11e-bb6f-49ed-b03a-9ec42be55062

Now you have an interactive shell using named pipe files, YES you can cd into directories.

Client Go

You first need to download the binarie or compile it, then the processe is equal of the bash client,

./client_Linux e294a11e-bb6f-49ed-b03a-9ec42be55062

With this client you have the hability to run it on Linux, Mac and Windows, but the client do not have a interactive shell yet.

Video Tutorial

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