Essential Tools and Apps for Linux Users in 2021

Linux doesn’t have the huge popularity that Microsoft and Apple enjoy with their operating systems. But it still has a sizeable and very loyal following, especially among techies. Linux is an alternative operating system with a great focus on stability and excellent applications. Many of these are often open-source applications and can be accessed free of cost. Given the growing necessity of remote work, Linux users can make use of several excellent apps and tools on their devices along with a stable internet connection to work from their homes safely. Don’t worry if you aren’t subscribed to cable or fiber, stable cellular internet like Spectrum mobile plans can be the only internet access you need. Here are some of the best apps that you can get on Linux in 2021.

Best Linux Applications In 2021

Linux is a very different operating system from the ones we are used to like Windows or Mac. Normally found on PCs, Linux is a popular favorite among technical professionals like coders, programmers, and software engineers. Thanks to an extremely light and stable infrastructure, Linux is a reliable platform for a large range of business activities as well, not just coding or development. It also has a vast library of stable open source applications to choose from. Some of the best ones include:

Libre Office

In most cases, people working remotely make use of business application suites like Microsoft Office. These suites contain different applications for different purposes. For example, Word is best for writing copies, reports, and text-based information. PowerPoint is a great tool to create presentations for business or even educational use. Excel helps create spreadsheets to manage and make use of numerical data. Almost all of these applications are widely being used in remote working.

Unfortunately, you can’t find Microsoft Office on Linux, since it is built for an entirely different operating system. The good news is, Linux has its own business app suite called Libre Office. The free-to-use application is open-source and contains powerful tools like spreadsheets, word processors, and presentation platforms. All of these are every bit as intuitive and functional as the ones you are used to using for business.


When working from home, you likely don’t work exclusively on business applications. Cloud computing has made remote working a real and efficient way to get things done. It allows remote workers to access information systems running on their employer’s server. Ranging from ERP to finance, these information systems are crucial to keep work flowing and operations running smoothly. In most cases, people need to access these information systems through a PC browser like Chrome. But you may have a better option for Linux in Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Unlike many other OS, Linux usually has Firefox as a default browser in certain versions like Linux Mint and Ubuntu. Firefox has as large a collection of add-ons and extensions as does Google Chrome. At the same time, Firefox claims it offers a much more private browsing experience, which can often be exactly what internet users are looking for. Firefox for Linux retains all its functionality and is a stable browser that does not eat up too much RAM when running.

VLC Media Player

It’s not always about work unless you have an unhealthy balance between your personal life and your professional life. Remote working can often be a lot more convenient than on-site, but it is still serious work even if you’re sitting in the comfort of your home. That means you need to have time during the day to decompress and power through other tasks as well. People choose different ways to do this, but many rely on videos. Whether you want to play a music video, an episode of Rick and Morty, or even just your song collection, VLC Media Player is the tool to use.

Instantly recognizable thanks to the traffic cone icon, VLC Media Player is one of the most popular applications ever. It supports by far the largest range of file formats, meaning you can play almost any type of media file on it. It has convenient tools to download video subtitles instantly, adjust video play speed, and even boost volume. VLC Media Player also has a Linux-supported version that can become the only video playing application you will ever need.

VS Code

We did mention Linux is often a great favorite among serious techies like developers and programmers. In 2021, few skills are as valuable as being a software engineer or developer. In our modern digital world, these individuals are responsible for building some of the most sophisticated systems and apps that we use nearly every day. Most devs will list down Microsoft VS Code as their go-to code editor thanks to its intuitive design and ease of use. However, unlike many other Microsoft applications, VS Code is not just free to use, but also open source. That means the Linux version works just as well as any other VS Code app. The advanced debugging and editing features of VS Code on a stable and light platform like Linux make it ideal for developers and coders.