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The Top IT and Tech Challenges for Businesses in 2019

Companies, whether small, large, or enterprise-level organizations face their fair share of challenges at any given time. Currently,...

Discover IPv6 Network Range & Hosts from an IPv6 Enabled Network Using passive_discovery6

Passive_discovery6 passively sniffs the network and dump all client's IPv6 addresses detected. Passive_discovery6 simply sniffs for the neighbor-advertisement packet in...

lbd – Tool to Detect Whether a Domain has Load Balancing Enabled

Load balancing(lbd) is the technique used in different services for balancing the load across different servers or NICs. It can...

Arping – To Discover Hosts on a Computer Network

Arping is a computer software tool that is used to discover hosts on a computer network. The program tests whether...

Reconnaissance, Identification & Fingerprinting of Web Application Firewall using WAFW00F

Web Application firewalls are typically firewalls working on the application layer which monitors & modifies HTTP requests. The key difference...

How to use Masscan to Enumerate Large Number of Hosts Quickly

Masscan has been around for some time now and already it's in use by pentesters all around. It's a reconnaissance tool which can...

Unicornscan – Network Scanning Tool to Find the Open Ports

Unicornscan is an asynchronous network stimulus delivery/response recording tool. Meaning it sends out broken/unorganized/fragmented packets (without a regular pattern unlike...

Dnsenum – Tool for DNS enumeration to find DNS Servers

Dnsenum is a tool for DNS enumeration, which is the process of locating all DNS servers and DNS entries for an organization. DNS...

Fragroute – A Network Packet Fragmentation & Firewall Testing Tool

Fragroute intercepts,  modifies and rewrites egress traffic destined for the specified host. Simply frag route fragments packets originating from our(attacker)...

Netdiscover – Live Host Identification

Netdiscover - simple ARP Scanner to scan for live hosts in a network Netdiscover is a simple ARP scanner which can...

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GoDoH is a proof of concept Command and Control framework, written in Golang, that uses DNS-over-HTTPS as a transport medium. Currently supported...
Owasp D4n155 : Intelligent & Dynamic Wordlist Using Osint

Owasp D4n155 : Intelligent & Dynamic Wordlist Using Osint

OWASP D4N155 is an intelligent and dynamic wordlist using OSINT. It's an information security audit tool that creates intelligent wordlists based on...
Corsy : CORS Misconfiguration Scanner

Corsy : CORS Misconfiguration Scanner

Corsy is a lightweight program that scans for all known mis-configurations in CORS implementations.
Iris : WinDbg Extension To Display Windows Process Mitigations

Iris : WinDbg Extension To Display Windows Process Mitigations

Iris WinDbg extension performs detection of common Windows process mitigations (32 and 64 bits).
UDP2Raw Tunnel

UDP2Raw Tunnel – A Tunnel which Turns UDP Traffic into Encrypted...

Udp2raw Tunnel is a tunnel which turns UDP Traffic into Encrypted FakeTCP/UDP/ICMP Traffic by using Raw Socket, helps you Bypass UDP FireWalls(or Unstable UDP...
JSONBee : A Ready To Use JSONP Endpoints/Payloads To Help Bypass Content Security Policy Of Different Websites

JSONBee : A Ready To Use JSONP Endpoints/Payloads To Help Bypass...

A ready to use JSONP endpoints to help bypass content security policy of different websites. The tool was presented during HackIT 2018...

DrAFL : Fuzzing Binaries With No Source Code On Linux

Original AFL supports black-box coverage-guided fuzzing using QEMU mode. I highly recommend to try it first and if it doesn't work you...