Maigret : OSINT Username Checker

Maigret : OSINT Username Checker

Purpose of Maigretcollect a dossier on a person by username only, checking for accounts on a huge number of sites.

This is a sherlock fork with cool features under heavy development. Don’t forget to regularly update source code from repo.

Currently supported more than 2000 sites (full list), by default search is launched against 500 popular sites in descending order of popularity.

Main Features

  • Profile pages parsing, extracting personal info, links to other profiles, etc.
  • Recursive search by new usernames found
  • Search by tags (site categories, countries)
  • Censorship and captcha detection
  • Very few false positives


NOTE: Python 3.6 or higher and pip is required.

  • Python 3.8 is recommended.

Package Installing

#install from pypi
pip3 install maigret

#or clone and install manually
git clone && cd maigret
pip3 install .

Cloning A Repository

git clone && cd maigret

You can use your a free virtual machine, the repo will be automatically cloned:

Open in Cloud Shell
Run on
Open In Colab

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Using Examples

#for a cloned repo
./ user

#for a package
maigret user

  • Features

#make HTML and PDF reports
maigret user –html –pdf

#search on sites marked with tags photo & dating
maigret user –tags photo,dating

#search for three usernames on all available sites
maigret user1 user2 user3 -a

Run maigret --help to get arguments description. Also options are documented in the Maigret Wiki.

  • With Docker:

#manual build
docker build -t maigret . && docker run maigret user

#official image
docker run soxoj/maigret:latest user

Demo With Page Parsing & Recursive Username Search

PDF report, HTML report

animation of recursive search