Kali Metapackage CLI

Use this script if you want access to Kali Metapackage on your current Linux distribution but do not want to install the entire Kali distribution. Debian is being used at the moment.

A few problems exist with Ubuntu. Be careful when using this script.

What is a meta package?

Metapackages, which are created as a list of dependencies on other packages, are used to install numerous packages all at once.

These are used by Kali Linux in a number of ways, such as letting users choose how many packages from the entire Kali list they want to install. excerpt from kali.org

Install and run

To install Kalipak on Linux, run any of the one-liners below.

  1. Using git:

git clone https://github.com/neuralpain/kalipak /tmp/kalipak && cp -f /tmp/kalipak/kalipak /bin && chmod +x /bin/kalipak

  1. Using wget:
  • Install in the /bin directory

wget -O kalipak https://gg.gg/kalipak && chmod +x ./kalipak && sudo mv -f ./kalipak /bin

  • Or download and run

wget -O kalipak https://gg.gg/kalipak && chmod +x ./kalipak && ./kalipak –init

  1. Or for a portable installer, Download and run the kalipak-install script (wget is required).

After installing kalipak, run kalipak –init to prepare your system for working with Kali metapackages; then use the menu to select what you need. –init will be ignored on Kali Linux regardless, so just run kalipak on Kali.



Install Kali metapackages on your Linux distribution.

    kalipak [OPTION]


  –init        This command will prepare your system for

                use with KALIPAK by installing required packages

                and keys for Kali certificate verification

                and should be run the first time you use KALIPAK.

  –reset       Same as ‘–init’ but invokes ‘–purge’ beforehand.

  –update      Update package list and upgrade with confirmation.

  –purge       Remove sources added by KALIPAK.

  –info        Display information about your Linux distribution.

  –version     Display version information and exit.

  –help        Display this help and exit.


KALIPAK is available under the MIT License.