H8mail – Email OSINT And Password Breach Hunting

Email OSINT and password breach hunting. Use h8mail to find passwords through different breach and reconnaissance services, or the infamous Breached Compilation torrent.

H8mail Features

  • Email pattern matching (reg exp), useful for all those raw HTML files
  • Small and fast Alpine Dockerfile available
  • CLI or Bulk file-reading for targeting
  • Output to CSV file
  • Reverse DNS + Open Ports
  • CloudFlare rate throttling avoidance
    • Execution flow remains synchronous and throttled according to API usage guidelines written by service providers
  • Query and group results from different breach service providers
  • Query a local copy of the “Breach Compilation”
  • Get related emails
  • Delicious colors

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If you’re using Docker, make sure to add your targets.txt and your API keys in the configuration file before building.


NodeJS is required to ensure CloudFlare bypassing. You can find out how to install it for your distribution here

These instructions assume you are running Python3 as default. If unsure, please check the troubleshooting section

apt-get install nodejs
git clone https://github.com/khast3x/h8mail.git
cd h8mail
pip install -r requirements.txt
python h8mail.py -h


git clone https://github.com/khast3x/h8mail.git
cd h8mail
docker build -t h8mail .
docker run -ti h8mail -h


python h8mail.py –help
usage: h8mail.py [-h] -t TARGET_EMAILS [-c CONFIG_FILE] [-o OUTPUT_FILE]
[-bc BC_PATH] [-v] [-l] [-k CLI_APIKEYS]

Email information and password finding tool

optional arguments:

-h, –help show this help message and exit
Either single email, or file (one email per line).
Configuration file for API keys
File to write output
-bc BC_PATH, –breachcomp BC_PATH
Path to the breachcompilation Torrent.
-v, –verbose Show debug information
-l, –local Run local actions only
Pass config options. Format is “K:V,K:V”

Usage examples

Query for a single target

python h8mail.py -t target@example.com

Query for list of targets, indicate config file for API keys, output to pwned_targets.csv

python h8mail.py -t targets.txt -c config.ini -o pwned_targets.csv

Query a list of targets against local copy of the Breach Compilation, pass API keys for Snusbase from the command line

python h8mail.py -t targets.txt -bc ../Downloads/BreachCompilation/ -k “snusbase_url:$snusbase_url,snusbase_token:$snusbase_token”

Query without making API calls against local copy of the Breach Compilation

python h8mail.py -t targets.txt -bc ../Downloads/BreachCompilation/ –local


Python version & Kali

The above instructions assume you are running python3 as default. If unsure, type:

python –version

in your terminal. It should be either Python 3.* or Python 2.*.

If you are running python2 as default :
Make sure you have python3 installed, then replace python commands with explicit python3 calls:

apt-get install nodejs
git clone https://github.com/khast3x/h8mail.git
cd h8mail
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 h8mail.py -h