How to Access Your Facebook and Messenger Accounts

How to Access Your Facebook and Messenger Accounts

Have you ever thought to hack the Facebook account and messenger someone you know or may not know? In this world of digitalization, a social media platform like Facebook has become a modern journal for almost everyone.

With every little to significant detail update, Facebook can make a private life public. But some people keep the profile locked or posts hidden. If you want to know about the best ways to hack into their Facebook account, then you are in the right place.

Is it possible to hack someone’s Facebook?

Hacking someone’s Facebook account is very much possible, thanks to all the latest technologies, tools, and apps. With constant updates and modification, Facebook has always been strict with its security. The security team of Facebook is powerful and they are still working round the clock to ensure complete privacy and security.

But just like every perfect thing has a loophole, Facebook security and policy also has some. You just need the right tool or method tohack Facebook account successfully. Though it can sometimes be complicated or challenging, you can do it. Read on to know more about the different ways that can help you.

Available ways to access Facebook

There are nine main ways by which one can access someone else’s Facebook account. Here are those ways listed below to help you:

1. Spy Apps

There are some efficient spy apps available in the market that can help you to hack Facebook app successfully. These spy apps allow you to get access to all the posts, chats, and every message of the person’s Facebook account. For example, one of the best spy apps is the Hoverwatch Spy App.

This app can help you to track all the messages that are sent and received through Facebook. Even the text messages that are exchanged between two persons are saved in as the chat. That is a free tracker where you can sign up for free to enjoy the benefits. With the help of Hoverwatch, the Facebook spy app:

  • You can get to see both the outgoing and incoming messages
  • Check the video files, images, and audio from the Facebook Messenger
  • Keep a tab on all the activities of Facebook

It is an easy to use application which you can use to access or hack into anyone’s Facebook.

2. Free hacking websites

There are numerous free Facebook hacking websites available online. Though they are not as efficient as the spy apps like Hoverwatch, you can still try them out. You need to choose the best and most efficient website that can help you in hacking the account.

Most of these websites work in the same way. Here you have to insert the username of the person’s Facebook account that you want to hack. Now, they will take some time to hack into their account.

The time taken depends entirely on how long or complicated the password of the account is. Oncehackers get the hold of the password, they will let you know.

3. Hiring a hacker

Another great way to hack into someone’s Facebook account is by hiring a professional hacker. The hackers have their skills and expertise that can help them to crack the password and hack into the account. All you have to do is to make sure that you are choosing the best professionally experienced hacker. This can help you to smoothly and efficiently hack into the account of your partner, children, or anyone.

4. Phishing

If you research, you will know that phishing is one of the most commonly used methods to hack Facebook Messenger. This technique involves creating a website. You or your hacker can create a website that is quite identical to that of the Facebook login page.

You need to make sure you need to make the target enter the login details into that page. Once he/she does that, all the login credentials will be sent to you or the hacker.

That is an effective way of cracking passwords, but it needs extreme coding skills and expertise.

5. Password reset

Facebook allows the person to reset its password if the user has forgotten the existing one. You can use this same method to hack into their Facebook account. All you have to do is click on the reset password, and you have to enter the email id or phone number.

Make sure that you either have access to the user’s phone or email account. A code will be sent to either of these, and you can change the password and access the report.

6. Social engineering

Social engineering is all about how you can manipulate a person in a one-on-one conversation. Here, you have to gain the trust of the person whose account you want to access.

You can manage them with some severe or significant consequences if they share some personal confidential information. That can be their OTP (one time password) too to reset the Facebook password.

7. Man-in-the-middle

Another conventional method to hack a Facebook account is the man-in-the-middle attack. It is a traditional form of cyber-attack in which a person acts like a malicious actor and comes in between a conversation between two parties. They impersonate both to interact and gain all the information to access the account.

8. SS7

That is one of the main ways that many hackers use to hack Facebook account and many other different accounts. But this is quite a complex process, and it needs special training and skills. SS7 or Signaling System 7, is an international telecommunications standard.

It is one of the ways by which people exchange information. It can be hacked to gain access to someone’s Facebook account.

9. Keyloggers 

Keyloggers are small programs that can record the keystrokes. It is one of the effective methods that can be used for hacking into someone’s Facebook account and messenger.

You have to install the keylogger into the target’s device. Once it is done, it can record as well as transfer all the information that is entered with the help of the keyboard such as the username, password etc. That can help you to hack Facebook easily.

Conclusions & Results

While most of the methods mentioned above are 100% effective and can help you get complete access to the account, some may need professional skills.

 If you do not want to spend much money on hiring a professional hacker or you do not have enough technical skills to try other methods all alone, you can always opt for the spy app.

 The Hoverwatch Spy App can give you complete access to all the data and information exchanged over the hacked account. That is one of the best and easiest ways to hack into account Facebook for free.