HVAZARD dictionary modifier remove short passwords & duplicates, change lowercase to uppercase & reverse, combine wordlists!

Manual & Explaination

  • d –dict Specifies the file you want to modify. This is the only parameter / argument that is not optional.
  • o –out The output filename (optional). Default is out.txt.
  • s –short This operation removes the lines with length shorter/equal to the specified number. Example: python dm.py -d dictionary.txt -s 5 <- This removes all lines with 5 or less characters of the file dictionary.txt
  • d –dupli This operation removes duplicate lines. If a line appears more than once, it gets removed. This is done so no password is tried more than once, since it is a waste of time. Example: python dm.py -d wordlist -d
  • l –lower This operation turns all upper-case letters to lower-case. Lower-case letters remain that way. Example: python dm.py –lower -d dictionary
  • u –upper This operation turns all lower-case letters to upper-case. upper-case letters remain that way. Example: python dm.py -u -d file.txt
  • j –join This operation joins two files together to great one larger file. Example: python dm.py -d wd1.txt -j wd2.txt <- The result is saved on the second wordlist (wd2.txt)
  • c –cut This operation removes all lines before the line number you specify. Useful if you have already used a large part of the wordlist and do not want to go through the same process. Example: python –cut rockyou.txt -o cutrocku.txt
  • e –exp This option shows this message.
  • a –arg This option shows the arguments & options.

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This is free software and comes with no warranty! Licensed under the MCD Penetration Testing Software License. Do not use for illegal purposes.