An innovative, open source data visualization app. Brings data to life through captivating graphs.

JSON Crack (

JSON Crack is a free, open-source data visualization app capable of visualizing data formats such as JSON, YAML, XML, CSV and more, into interactive graphs. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, JSON Crack makes it easy to explore, analyze, and understand even the most complex data structures. Whether you’re a developer working on a large-scale project or a data enthusiast looking to uncover hidden insights, JSON Crack has the tools and features you need to unlock the full potential of your data.


  • Free & open-source.
  • Dark mode.
  • Export to PNG, SVG, JPEG & clipboard.
  • Zoom and panning support with touch gestures.
  • Wide range of tools – search, json path, node contents, expand/toggle, auto format…
  • Share/Import/Fetch
  • Embeddable iframe widgets.


Sponsors & support

If you like the project, you can become a sponsor at GitHub Sponsors or use Premium.

Running Locally


After cloning the repository, run the following commands:

# Install the packages
yarn install

# Start development server
# Then the development server will run at http://localhost:3000
yarn dev


Dockerfile is provided in the root of the repository. If you want to run JSON Crack locally:

# Build a Docker image with:
docker build -t jsoncrack .

# Run locally with `docker run`
docker run -p 8888:8080 jsoncrack

# Run locally with `docker-compose`
docker-compose up -d

# Go to http://localhost:8888

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