Lazybee : Wordlist Generator Tool For Termux

Lazybee tool is a python based script from which you can generate random wordlist for brutefocre attacks. This tool has a unique features like wordlist generating time calculation and direct .txt saving in current directory. This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device.

  • It is available for Termux

Installation & Usage

$ apt-get update -y
$ apt-get upgrade -y
$ pkg install python -y
$ pkg install python2 -y
$ pkg install git -y
$ pip install requests
$ pip install random
$ ls
$ git clone
$ ls
$ cd lazybee
$ ls
$ python2

ex:- Enter the number of characters: 8

Name your wordlist wit (.txt) extensions: pass.txt

WOW… you just created wordlist in hackers way.