Netstat2Neo4J : Netstat Visualization With Neo4j

Netstat2Neo4J : Netstat Visualization With Neo4j

Netstat2Neo4J tool that create cypher create statements for neo4j out of netstat files from multiple machines.

Graphs help to spot anomalies and patterns in large datasets. This script takes netstat information from multiple hosts and formats them in a way to make them importable into Neo4j. Neo4j can be queried for find connections to certain hosts, from certain hosts, find out the usage or protocols and much more.

Example Files

There are already some files in the example directory for you to be able to test the tool. You can also find example queries which will help you to have a basic idea of the possibilities of the search


Currently the tool is tested with the netstat output of Windows systems using the command ‘netstat -an’


Install docker and docker-compose

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Extract Files

git clone /opt/netstat2neo4j/

Start Container

cd /opt/netstat2neo4j/docker
docker-compose up -d

Test Logon

Username: neo4j
Password: neo4j

Upload Netstat Files

copy all netstat out files (*.txt files) into /opt/netstat2neo4j/script/import/

Create Cypher Statements for Neo4j

cd /opt/netstat2neo4j/script/

the needed cypher statements can be found in create_database.txt

Create Database

  • browse to https://localhost:7473
  • Copy content from create_database.txt
  • Paste into the command bar of the neo4j interface

Example Query

MATCH (src)-[:DEPENDS_ON]->(dst)
WHERE src.ip STARTS WITH ‘192_168_’
RETURN src, dst

There is a query.txt in the example folder as well.


Q: This is redundant. Don’t you know there are other projects?
A: I do. This is not new or special. There are free projects, tutorials and commercial products based on agents to draw maps and even enforce rules. Some examples:

This small project is by no means a replacement.

Q: Creating netstats on all machines is hard. Do you have a solution?
A: While you can collect the information with WMI/PowerShell remoting I do not recommend to have an account that has full admin rights on all your systems.
Use your configuraiton managment to schedule the netstat creation or use schedulded tasks. This is out of scope for this small little project.
If you want to use an accout with all the keys to the kindom:

Q: You must be wrong. Neo4j must be able to read CSV files directly. Why are you creating the statements by yourselve?
A: You are right. It is possible to import CSV files directly.