Octosuite is a framework fro gathering osint on GitHub users, repositories and organization.


Fetches an organization’s profile information
Fetches an oganization’s events
Returns an organization’s repositories
Returns an organization’s public members
Fetches a repository’s information
Returns a repository’s contributors
Returns a repository’s languages
Fetches a repository’s stargazers
Fetches a repository’s forks
Fetches a repository’s releases
Returns a list of files in a specified path of a repository
Fetches a user’s profile information
Returns a user’s gists
Returns organizations that a user owns/belongs to
Fetches a user’s events
Fetches a list of users followed by the target
Fetches a user’s followers
Checks if user A follows user B
Checks if user is a public member of an organizations
Returns a user’s subscriptions
Gets a user’s subscriptions
Gets a user’s events
Searches users
Searches repositories
Searches topics
Searches issues
Searches commits
Automatically logs network activity (.logs folder)
User can view, read and delete logs
…And more


Octosuite automatically logs network and user activity of each session, the logs are saved by date and time in the .logs folder.