PortexAnalyzerGUI is a Graphical interface for PortEx, a Portable Executable and Malware Analysis Library


  • Header information from: MSDOS Header, Rich Header, COFF File Header, Optional Header, Section Table
  • PE Structures: Import Section, Resource Section, Export Section, Debug Section
  • Scanning for file format anomalies
  • Visualize file structure, local entropies and byteplot, and save it as PNG
  • Calculate Shannon Entropy, Imphash, MD5, SHA256, Rich and RichPV hash
  • Overlay and overlay signature scanning
  • Version information and manifest
  • Icon extraction and saving as PNG
  • Customized signature scanning via Yara. Internal signature scans using PEiD signatures and an internal filetype scanner.

Supported OS and JRE

I test this program on Linux and Windows. But it should work on any OS with JRE version 9 or higher.


I will be including more and more features that PortEx already provides.

These features include among others:

  • customized visualization
  • extraction and conversion of icons to .ICO files
  • dumping of sections, overlay, resources
  • export reports to txt, json, csv

Some of these features are already provided by PortexAnalyzer CLI version, which you can find here: PortexAnalyzer CLI


I develop PortEx and PortexAnalyzer as a hobby in my free time. If you like it, please consider buying me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/struppigel


Karsten Hahn

Twitter: @Struppigel

Mastodon: struppigel@infosec.exchange

Youtube: MalwareAnalysisForHedgehogs



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