“NetSecChallenger” provides a suite of automated tools designed for security professionals and network administrators to test and assess the security of wireless networks.

With an intuitive command-line interface, users can streamline the process of monitoring, analyzing, and testing network protocols.

Table Of Contents

  • Key Features
  • Prerequisites
  • Installation Instructions
  • Usage Guide
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Contributing
  • Disclaimer
  • Authors and Acknowledgments
  • License

Key Features

  • Interactive CLI menu for easy navigation.
  • Simplifies complex wireless security testing procedures.
  • Automated monitoring mode, network scanning, handshake sniffing, and more.
  • Integrated support for WPS attack vectors, DOS attacks, and other advanced monitoring tools.


Before installing and running NetSecChallenger, ensure you have the necessary permissions to test the network. Unauthorized access to networks is illegal and unethical.

Installation Instructions

Clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/sarathk73/SentielEye-NetSecChallenger.git
cd SentinelEye-NetSecChallenger

Install the required tools and dependencies:

chmod +x wifi.py

Or, for a manual installation of requirements:

sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng crunch xterm wordlists reaver pixiewps bully wifite bettercap wifipumpkin3

Usage Guide

To launch the toolkit, navigate to the cloned repository and execute:

python wifi.py

You will be greeted by an interface as follows:

  • Start/Stop monitor mode
  • Scan networks
  • Capture handshakes
  • Execute WPS network attacks … Select an action by entering the corresponding number provided by the menu.